The Right Tools and Tips for a Dog-Friendly Road Trip

The experts at POPSUGAR know their stuff about dogs so, when we found out that they made a list of six tips on how to make your next road trip more dog-friendly, we knew we had to share! Whether your pup is an experienced rider or it's their first time on a long drive, take a look at the written list below to get a quick look at the details.

We're sure most of you have the items in the list below, and are able to provide your doggy with satisfactory scratches and rubs, so we have no doubt you're going to have a great road trip together. No matter where you choose to make your destination, we hope you and your furry friend have an excellent time.

  • Bring dog food, water, treats, and poop bags in a day bag
  • Your dog's favorite blanket provides familiar smells to keep them calm
  • If they get too stressed, a back massage with long strokes down to the tip of the tail can be soothing
  • If they lose their appetite, a snack made of dog food, yogurt, and applesauce will perk them up
  • A squeegee is great for removing fur from seats and furniture
  • Get some exercise at rest stops with their favorite toys
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