Is Your Perfectionism Ruining Your Lincoln Vehicle's Paint?

You love your luxurious new Lincoln. Any time it gets a splotch of mud on the fenders, or a bug hits the hood, you have to spot-clean right away to keep it looking its best.

According to detailing experts, you may love your car too much.

Autoblog's Larry Kosilla warns that wiping (or even touching) your vehicle without adequate lubrication or the correct kind of towel can cause serious long-term damage to the paint. When observed under a microscope, "fine" dust looks like jagged pieces of rock. If you wipe this dust away with a towel while the car is dry, you are actually scraping these bits of rock over the paint, creating fine lines and swirls.

To ensure a bright, undamaged clear coat, your patience will have to outweigh your perfectionist need to touch up dirty spots. Wait until you have access to a hose, spray-wax, and a clean microfiber towel. Never use a paper towel, terry cloth dish rag, or beach towel, and never dry wipe.

In a pinch, you can use a waterless cleaner, but use sparingly. Your paint will thank you for waiting to do a proper wash.

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