Why You Should Never Use Water for Windshield Wiper Fluid

It should be obvious that maintaining a clean windshield is an important part of safety on the road. Bad visibility can cause accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers attempt to replace their windshield wiper fluid with water. Here's why that is a bad idea:

The biggest problem with using water instead of proper wiper fluid is that water will freeze faster in cold winter weather, rendering it completely useless. Real windshield wiper fluid will not freeze in winter weather, which allows it to still clean your glass.

Real wiper fluid also cleans your car's glass better due to all the cleaning solvents and detergents that it contains. Water is not as good at dealing with grime, dirt and dead bugs.

Because of these factors, our expert service team at Flood Ford Lincoln strongly discourages Narragansett drivers from trying to substitute water for windshield wiper fluid. Real wiper fluid works better and will give you better visibility on the road.
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