Start Planning on a Car Battery Replacement

A good battery can last a number of years, but even the best battery reaches its expiration date. Once a battery can no longer perform its necessary job, you must take it in for a replacement.

A faltering battery, however, might not always need to be replaced. A dirty terminal or damaged cable ends may both undermine the battery's performance. If an examination of the battery reveals problems like these, a necessary fix can be done. A minor fix eliminates the need to perform an unnecessary battery replacement.

A service center can also run a test on the battery to determine how much life is left. With such information, a driver won't drive around wondering about when is the right time to change the battery. You could set a safe date for a replacement down on your calendar.

Get your battery checked or replaced at Flood Ford Lincoln in Narragansett. We can find the right battery for your car and install it without any delay.

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