Your Alternator Keeps Your Electrical System Charged Up

Your vehicle has multiple systems in it that require a steady feed of electricity in order to function. Obviously, your battery is at the center of your electrical system, but there is one other component that is critical to the life of your battery. That is your alternator.

Your alternator is essentially a small generator that charges your vehicle's battery as you drive. It also sends much-needed electricity to other systems in your vehicle, such as your lights and radio.

As your engine rotates while it is running, it powers a long serpentine belt that is connected to many different components. One of these is the alternator. As the alternator is turned, it generates an electrical current that goes to your battery, and that is how it stays charged. If your alternator fails your battery will eventually discharge, and you will be stuck on the side of the road.

If you have any other questions about your alternator or your electrical system in general, then contact our service department here at Flood Ford Lincoln in Narragansett.
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