A Full Gas Tank in The Winter is a Good Idea

Most people don't think much about winter weather and the level of the fuel in their gas tank. However, it is worth considering because the gasoline level can directly affect the proper operation of your vehicle.

If the gas tank is hovering on empty during the cold winter months, you could have a problem. A nearly empty tank means that there is more air in the tank than there is gas, so the moisture in the air can condense on the inside of the fuel line that connects the tank to the engine.

If the condensation freezes, you might have a problem getting your vehicle started and if it does start there can be various malfunction while it is running. It might even result in a necessary repair, a bill you certainly would want to avoid.

Even if you can periodically add some gas to your tank more often, you will be heading off a worrisome event that can be avoided.
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