Reading the Yellow Tire Light

The tire pressure monitor system is a built-in check for tire pressure. It can report under-inflated and over-inflated tires. When the light comes on and stays, then you should check the tire pressure on each wheel. When the light comes on while driving, then it may be due to tires heating while driving or losing inflation. You should stop and check pressure as soon as possible.

Narragansett drivers know that tire pressure is important for handling, steering, and performance. Under-inflated tires cause excessive tire wear and low gas mileage. Over-inflated tires show unusual wear on the crown or center of the tire tread. The tire pressure monitor can help avoid these problems.

At Flood Ford Lincoln, we recommend that every driver inspect tires and check pressure regularly. Tire pressure can change with patterns of usage. If your light stays on, you should call for an appointment; we can check your tire pressure alert systems to be sure that the tire monitor is accurate, and working properly.
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