A Look of Distinction

Design teams distinctly crafted the Lincoln MKZ to offer more sleek and elegant lines. The front end establishes a strong sense of power and confidence without being overly aggressive. With one glimpse, it's easy to see that the Lincoln MKZ calls out to be driven.


Retractable Panoramic Glass Roof

Alter your outlook with the simple press of a button. The fully retractable panoramic glass roof opens up new worlds and new experiences. With easy-to-use push-button activation, a single pane of glass slides back to create the largest opening among sedans. 


Active Noise Control

Active Noise Control heightens overall cabin and sound quality by reducing unwanted noise while enhancing sound that is desired. Microphones monitor the sound profile of the cabin, which is then invented by a signal processor to create an opposing wave through the speakers. When the opposing wave meets the original wave, they cancel each other out, providing a more pleasant driving experience.


Twin Turbocharged 3.0-Liter V6 Engine With 400 HP

Refined power at your control. An available Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L engine produces 400 horsepower* and an exhilarating driving experience. A number of features, including an adaptive suspension and Dynamic Torque Vectoring, help to harness and control power, creating an even more thrilling driving experience.


Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-And-Go

Engage and enjoy. The evolution of available adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capability offers an enjoyable and confident drive. When the MKZ is in adaptive cruise mode, a radar scans the road ahead and detects slower traffic ahead. The MKZ can then automatically brake and accelerate to keep you at your set speed or follow at a preset distance with the pace of traffic when speeds are below your set speed. With the addition of stop-and-go, the feature can bring your vehicle to a complete stop in stopped traffic and restart it as traffic begins to move.

Approach Detection

Experience approachable luxury, quite literally. The 2018 Lincoln MKZ lights the way with approach detection. When you approach with your keys in your hand, purse or pocket, your MKZ detects you, triggering an engaging welcome.

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