5 Advantages from Choosing an SUV as Your Next Car

Are you noticing your car maintenance cost getting higher as well as the time spent in the shop getting longer? Maybe your car is starting to act up and become unsafe on the road. As a top choice for finding exceptional vehicles in the Narragansett, RI area, our staff can easily guide you in the right direction for your next vehicle. Who knows, maybe a well-equipped SUV from our new inventory at Flood Ford Lincoln is best for you?

  • Safety Features – Modern SUVs are jam-packed with safety features that will keep everyone safe.
  • Higher Clearance – Probably a safety on its own, higher clearance means you can easily see further down the road while plowing through or over snow and water.
  • All Terrain – Your old car probably didn’t do well for your adventures, but now you can enjoy those beautiful outdoor trips since most SUVs come with four-wheel drive (4WD).
  • Spacious Interior – Being in a big ride has a lot of advantages, including having a lot of leg room.
  • Large Loads – Take more with you as SUVs are easily capable of both hauling and towing larger loads.

We have more information for you right here at our dealership, for those interested in a new Lincoln SUV. Come by our showroom at 21 Woodruff Avenue to check out our latest models!

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