Driving Without GAP Insurance is a Huge Risk

You have car insurance. That's great, but you may still be responsible for the check after your car is demolished in an accident. Read the fine print on your car insurance policy. It probably says 'in case of accident we will pay the accident-day fair market value.' That means either you can't get a new car, or you can't get your vehicle repaired. Repairs on severely damaged vehicles can be quite pricey. Wouldn't it be nice to have money available just for this type of event?

Now there is a way to ensure full coverage of your car. It is called GAP insurance. The initials stand for Guaranteed Asset Protection. You can get it here at our reliable and trustworthy car dealership. Your payments are reasonable, and we offer other conveniences also. We can provide transportation help with a borrowed car lease. Stop in to ask about GAP insurance.
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