When you think that you have to change your oil in your car, maybe you should think again. No longer is the standard rule of three thousand miles a fact, because oil that is produced either synthetically or refined conventionally can go up to three times that distance.

This will save the average car owner a lot of money because many of these car owners are adhering to the rule of getting their vehicles oil changed way more frequently than they need to. They no longer have to worry about excessive engine wear and ultimately engine failure due to oil break down because this oil is now formulated to last a lot longer. Engines that are made today are specifically made to accept these new types of oils most efficiently so that they can go much farther than cars made in the 1950s and 1960s. When it is time to get your oil changed and if you are located in the Narragansett area then feel free to come see us at Flood Ford Lincoln.
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