Lighting Design on the Lincoln Continental

Lincoln has done a lot to make the new Lincoln Continental the epitome of luxury. This popular luxury car has a number of great features that heighten the vehicle's sense of sophistication. Some of the most notable additions include beautiful lighting design.

Welcome lights are great when you're driving at night in Narragansett. The Lincoln Continental comes with a smart key FOB that communicates with the vehicle wirelessly. As you approach the car with the FOB in your pocket or bag, various lights will turn on. The headlights, taillights, and door handle lights, and the dome lights inside will all turn on to welcome you.

Another great light feature that we here at Flood Lincoln of Narragansett are excited to show you is the welcome mat. This light also turns on as you approach the vehicle. It's designed to help you see your surroundings a bit better. Instead of a standard flood light, Lincoln has designed this feature to take on the iconic logo shape.



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