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Performance Features of the Lincoln MKT

As a popular midsize crossover vehicle, the Lincoln MKT offers drivers hatchback utility, excellent cargo space and the performance features consistent with a luxury vehicle.

The V6 engine provides 365 horsepower and an impressive 350 pound-feet of torque, giving the Lincoln MKT plenty of power at highway speeds or when towing loads. The vehicle is constantly monitoring the road and adjusting its suspension to match driving conditions, offering drivers a smooth ride despite inclement weather or bumpy roads. Traction is shifted between front and rear wheels to give...

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The Lincoln MKC's Stunning Design

There are few SUVs on the market today that even come close to the elegance and sportiness of the Lincoln MKC's innovative design features. This is a luxury vehicle that is just as comfortable on the inside as it is sporty from the outside.

The muscular body frame of the Lincoln MKC makes it a stunning SUV from first glance. The eye-catching metal grille on the front and cutting-edge LED headlights make heads turn right away. When you get inside the Lincoln MKC, the sculpted leather steering wheel and cushioned leather seats make you instantly relax. Enjoy customized climate-controlled…
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The Lincoln MKX Includes a Blind Spot Information System

Known for its high number of standard features, low starting MSRP, and its well-insulated interior, the Lincoln MKX is one of the most popular crossovers that are currently on the market. It also comes with some very useful features that could possibly pique your interest.

The Lincoln MKX's Blind Spot Information System acts as an extra pair of eyes by alerting you about vehicles that you might not have spotted or are able to see just yet. It will tell you when vehicles are on either side of your Lincoln while sending you an auditory alert if it senses…

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Tools for Measuring Car Battery Performance

An automotive battery operates on conventional mechanisms that are easy to analyze with simple instruments. You don't have to be a scientist or auto expert to check the status of this important feature under the hood.

A hydrometer is a basic device that's engineered to measure the ion and water levels inside the cells of a car battery. Based on the readings, you might have to add the appropriate volume of distilled water to each of the six cells. A voltmeter is another item that you need to thoroughly analyze the performance of an auto battery...

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Types of Car Warranties You Might Encounter

​When you are making a decision on the vehicle that is right for you and your family, you will want to take into consideration the type of warranty that comes with the vehicle. Most vehicles that you come across will have powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties.

A bumper-to-bumper warranty is much like the name implies. Almost everything on the vehicle is covered for a certain number of months or miles. A powertrain warranty is different. This type of warranty covers the items that make the car move. The engine and the transmission are two of the most important items covered....


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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Has An Impressive List Of Performance Features

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a sedan that any car lover can get behind. Besides Lincoln's stellar reputation in the industry, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also benefits from many style, safety, and technology features. But even though it is a hybrid, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also excels in the performance category.

Drivers of the all-new 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will enjoy a long list of performance related features that include:
  • An available twin turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine that can deliver 400 HP
  • A driver's package featuring Dynamic Torque Vectoring, adaptive sport-tuned suspension, a unique
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Smooth Driving in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is built to provide you with a comfortable driving experience. This popular SUV has an impressive suspension system and a rugged build that allows you to get improved performance in any terrain.

The body of the SUV is made entirely of aluminum. It's a resilient material that holds up well to repeated wear and tear. However, it's also notable for being very light. This reduced weight makes the SUV quieter and easier to drive. It also has an adaptive suspension system. The vertical movement of the wheels is adjusted automatically as you drive over…

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Check Out the Lincoln MKC in Narragansett

The Lincoln MKC is a popular crossover that is known for its sleek design. One of its top design features is the automatically folding power mirrors. Once the engine is turned off, the mirrors fold in, reducing the likelihood that someone will damage them.

The Lincoln MKC also sports unique approach detection features. When you approach the vehicle with your key fob in hand, its lighting turns on so that you can see the door handles and around the vehicle. This makes the Lincoln MKC easier to get into when it is dark outside.


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Lincoln MKT Has Powerful Crossover Performance

Power and control are two important features, and you'll get both in the popular Lincoln MKT crossover. With an available 3.5-liter V6 twin turbocharged engine, the MKT also provides you with a substantial horsepower of 365 with 350-ft.-lb. of torque to meet all of your driving needs.

Out on the roads of Narragansett, you'll stay safe with the Lincoln MKT's adaptive cruise control that helps you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Adaptive suspension and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) intelligently reads the road and your driving...


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The Importance Of Servicing Your Radiator

Radiators and engine cooling systems are often underappreciated. That is why we here at Flood Ford Lincoln in Narragansett feel the need to inform you about what they do and how often they should be serviced.

A radiator's main function is to keep the engine cool as it heats up while running. Expert service technicians recommend that your radiator get fully flushed and replaced with new radiator fluid once every four to five years or twenty-five to thirty-thousand miles. Whichever of these figures is arrived at first is when a service appointment should be scheduled. 
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